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23rd Postal Services' Congress to Take Place in Romania

The IT&C Minister, Dan Nica, and Thomas E. Leavey, General Manager of the Universal Post Service International Bureau signed, at the end of June, the protocol for organizing the 23rd UPU congress in Romania.

"1500 representatives from 189 states will be present in Bucharest for 3 weeks, thus offering us the chance to present them Romania as a modern country, naturally integrated in the XXIst century. The event would represent an opportunity to stimulate the tourism, accommodation and services industry, as well as an occasion to consolidate the relationship with other countries. It is the first time in the past 20 years that the congress is organized in Europe, after Hamburg, in 1984. It is also the first time an East-European state hosts an event of this size", said minister Dan Nica.

The main theme of the Congress - the supreme authority of the Union - is the continuation and the improvement of the postal services through new strategies and policies, meaning that Romania would become, in 2004, the stage where important decisions are to be made.

Starting in 2001, the Romanian Postal Service begun to diversify its services, increasingly moving the focus towards modern and fast services, based on the latest technologies. The new offering now includes, added to the classic services, financial and electronic services. 784 units ensure the transmission of services to the recipients' mailbox or e-mail address.

"Hosting this Congress, hosted for the first time in the Eastern Europe, Romania makes itself heard about on the international stage. I am convinced that this experience would represent a benefit for Romania, that now prepares to join the European Union in 2007" said Thomas Leavey, UPU Manager.

Romania is going to fill the CEO seat at UPU for the next 4 years. UPU is an organization born in 1874, after the signing of the Berne treaty, Romania being present since the beginning. The Union has 189 member states and it is the second oldest organization after the International Telecomm Union.

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