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Romania Presents E-Governance in Prague

"Romania is a player in the economic competition, and the Telecomm and IT areas play and increasingly important role for Romania's integration in the European structures. The modern systems we implemented - such as the e-Procurement, that leaded to 1850 billion ROL savings - and e-Tax, that is functional in 48 county capitals, are considered by all the users as instruments that may be successfully used against corruption and bureaucracy", said Adriana Ticau, State Secretary for IT within the IT&C Ministry, who participated in the 16th Annual Conference for e-Europe in Prague, dedicated to "Web Services - Management and Compatibility" this year.

Also participating in the opening session, the Enterprise and Information Society Commissioner, Erkki Liikanen, referred to the importance the governments should give to a coherent and comprehensive IT&C legislation, as well as to the investments in human resources that must be prepared and trained for the Information Society.

The conference also enjoyed the presence of Vladimir Mlynar, the Czech Information Minister, as well as representatives of some large international companies. EEMA, the first European forum dedicated to exchanging information and knowledge on the information society, is an international institution born in 1987, that has a target to diseminate the advantages that the new technology may bring to companies, but also inform the proper authorities on the problems the electronic environment confronts.

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