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Citrix Introduces NFuse Elite Training

Citrix Systems Inc, a leading player on the virtual workplace software and services market, announced a new training course, Citrix NFuse Elite Administration, CTX-7200, which provides network, system, portal and Web administrators with hands-on experience in installing, configuring and managing Citrix NFuse Elite access portals and portal components. The course will assist in preparing participants for the Citrix NFuse Elite exam #720.

The two-day course will educate administrators on the components, architecture and system requirements of NFuse Elite, Citrix's simple, powerful access portal server that bridges the client/server and Web worlds. Access portals connect users to applications and content that may reside on disparate systems and databases across the organization and the Web, enhancing usability and efficiency. NFuse Elite offers users secure, point-and-click access to their own personalized set of applications and content - while administrators get the ease and convenience of centralized portal management.

Administrators can use the PMC (Portal Management Console) to:

  • Configure and administer a portal server farm and NFuse Elite portal;
  • Configure an NFuse Elite portal by creating and designing a variety of roles and pages, and adding users;
  • Customize the portal's look and feel through altering the header and changing the theme of a page;
  • Import Content Delivery Agents (CDAs) for the aggregation of several types of content;
  • Edit portal menus; and
  • Export and import NFuse Elite portals.

Citrix NFuse Elite incorporates features of Citrix NFuse Classic to enable Web-based access to UNIX, Windows and Java applications running on Citrix MetaFrame servers. It extends beyond client/server systems, providing access to Web-based applications, internally hosted and syndicated Web content, and other services.

Prerequisites for the course include experience in the following:

  • Systems/network administration in Microsoft Windows 2000 environments
  • Administration of Microsoft Windows 2000 Server or Advanced Server
  • Administration of Citrix MetaFrame XP for Windows
  • Knowledge of Citrix MetaFrame XP Feature Release 1 and 2 is strongly recommended

More information is available at www.citrix.com/training.

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