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Cisco Certification Program Grows to 12

Cisco Systems, Inc - one of the leaders in networking for the Internet - announced the addition of the 12th focused certification to the Cisco Qualified Specialist Program. The new Cisco Optical Specialist 1 certification validates the knowledge and expertise required to design, install, operate and maintain Cisco optical networking systems.

Individuals who become certified as a Cisco Optical Specialist 1 will gain the knowledge and skills required to understand the protocols and underlying technology of optical systems such as SONET/SDH, DWDM, DPT/RPR, POS, Optical Cross Connects, Ethernet services over optical and Element Management. In addition, certified individuals will be able to describe, operate and troubleshoot Cisco optical networking products in METRO access and regional environments.

Launched in April 2001, the Cisco Qualified Specialist program was developed to extend the Cisco Career Certification Program by validating significant competency in specific technologies, vertical markets, solutions and job roles.

With the addition of the Cisco Optical Specialist 1, the program offers certifications in nine specific technology areas:

  • Cisco Cable Communications Specialist
  • Cisco Content Networking Specialist
  • Cisco IP Telephony Support Specialist, IP Telephony Design Specialist & IP Telephony Operations Specialist
  • Cisco Internet Solutions Specialist
  • Cisco Multiservice Switching Specialist
  • Cisco MxU Specialist
  • Cisco Optical Specialist 1
  • Cisco Security Specialist 1
  • Cisco SNA/IP Design Specialist & Cisco SNA/IP Support Specialist

Each focused certification is created in response to new Cisco technology developments and customized to meet current market needs. Providing a qualified talent pool of Cisco certified individuals is a key benefit to customers, and offers the assurance that they'll be able to recruit or develop employees who are well versed in Cisco technologies and solutions.

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