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Computerland - a Veteran of Proffessional Education

The international group Computerland introduced it's first operator to the Romanian market in the early 90's. Ever since, it became an important player in all major areas of the IT industry: hardware and software sales, maintenanance, systems configuration and deployment, but also its own production (MBL Computers). It could be fairly named the pioneer of the Romanian IT market.

Starting in 1993, the group extended towards another field, now a central focus of the group: professoonal education. The first Computerland classes were on Unix from AT&T, then the ones from IBM, Solaris and Compaq. In 1996, Computerland was the first center to obtain Microsoft's curriculum, teaching ever since all the emerging versions: Office 4, 95, 97, 98, 2000, XP.

Meanwhile, Computerland also developed it's own series of courses, designed for training in Oracle and SQL Server databases.

Given this credentials, we addressed Computerland's president, Mihai Jitaru, for an "inside look" over the Romanian professional education system. "It is, first of all, an unconsolidated market. The request in the past few years was neither constant or had consistency", he said. "Even more of a problem is the fact that instititutions did really need training for the personnel. They bought the necessary technlogical infrastructure, at that time, and now it's all threatened to become morally obsolete, before even returning any profits. The only organizations with a clear education policy are the branches of foreign companies, and even there it's all just about applying the interantional policy".

Under these circumstances, Computerland focused on the companies to have been worked with already, along the road, signing long-term partnerships that bring more profits for both sides. At the same time, the door is always opent for new, corporate or individual clients. And the classes, as seen below, are quite attractive.

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