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New Curriculum and Certifications Issued by Oracle University

Oracle announced two new Oracle certifications for practicing professionals using the Oracle9i Application Server and Oracle9i Developer Suite. As Oracle's first credential on the Oracle9i Application Server, the Oracle9i Web Administrator Certified Associate has been created in response to the global market's rapid adoption of Oracle's middle tier solutions. The associated curriculum provides skills for jobs specific to tasks that enable effective administration including high availability and security.

The new Oracle9i Internet Developer Certified Associate qualification provides a measurement tool for IT managers, which recognizes proven knowledge focused on SQL and PL/SQL used for application development and programming job roles. SQL and Oracle's PL/SQL are industry standards used for many different kinds of Internet application development projects and also serve as a basis for more advanced enterprise Internet and intranet development solutions.

Both new certifications enable web administrators and developers to demonstrate to current and prospective employers a competency in Oracle technologies that can bring their organizations closer to cost saving and productivity generating e-business solutions giving them the edge over their competition.

Additionally, Oracle announces new advanced curriculum in areas such as Java, XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and Web services, equiping Oracle technologists with the tools to maximize their investment in Oracle technology.

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