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Education Scholarships for 2003 - 2004

The Education and Research Ministry (MEC), through its National Office for Scholarships Abroad, launched the 2003-2004 offerings for university and post-university studies.

Three types of scholarships are offered this year:

I. Scholarships financed by the Romanian Government;

II. Scholarships financed by other countries according to mutual agreements;

III. Scholarships offered by other countries' governments and foreign institutions.

The scholarships offered by the Romanian government add up to 600 months for 2003-2004, each scholar being offered 2 to 10 months. One person can benefit only once in his/her entire education activity from such an offering. The deadline for applications: submission is March 31st at the MEC Registry Office (Str. Spiru Haret, nr.12, Bucuresti, cod 70738).

Accepted Romanian scholars will benefit from:

a) Monthly scholarship in foreign currency, up to 1000 US Dollars, according to the destination country, designed to cover accommodation transport and potential taxes.

b) International transport tickets, to the destination site and back, only once per school year.

The mutually agreed scholarships, as well as the ones offered by foreign institutions and governments, refer to complete or partial university and post-university studies, research / specialization studies, PhD and summer schools.

The countries involved in mutual or foreign offerings are, for now: Iran, Norway, Bulgaria, China, Denmark, Finland, Greece, India, Iraq, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Belgium, The Czech Republic, Yugoslavia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Morocco, Sweden, Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Korea, Egypt, The Russian Federation, Jordan, Nigeria, Slovakia, Turkey, Tunis, Hungary, Algeria, Georgia, Poland, Vietnam, Mexico, Pakistan, Syria and Spain.

All information are available on the MEC web site - www.edu.ro/onbss.htm.

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