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Oracle to Offer Solutions for GIS Solutions

Oracle Romania participated as sponsor to the "Geo-Space World 2003" conference, the first annual conference of the smart geo-solutions, held in Bucharest by Intergraph Computer Services Romania.

By participating in this meeting, Oracle tried to satisfy the need for information of all the specialists attending the "Why Oracle9i is the most used platform for GIS applications" presentation, conducted by Catalin Bogdan - E-Business Platform & BIW Solution Leader / Oracle Romania.

The main trends on the GIS solutions market are coordinated by the permanent need for a full integration of space data with all the other data in the organization, as well as the need to integrate the static and the dynamic data. Projecting and implementing such integrated architectures is an action supported mainly by the wide development of the Internet technologies, migrated from a client / server to a Web platform, thus enabling the use of a single database for all applications.

The most important problems in joining these trends refer to the high level of difference and incompatibility between the inherited systems, with the data stored in different formats, and often impossible to access.

The solutions Oracle recommends are projected on a single-architecture basis, ensuring a common storage environment for the spatial and relational data. Oracle9i Database is the only database that offers opportunities for both data storage and administration, integrating data management services and functions.

Over 80% of the business applications currently used worldwide employ location elements, from the area sales management to city emergency services, utilities and public services. Oracle is the only producer that integrates these space data functions in its products, offering all clients the opportunity to store, manage and access all the information in a much more efficient manner.

Within the "Spatial Information Management: Competitive Analysis, 2002" study, the ISC analysts estimate that the database providers would integrate all the necessary support for the GIS data during the following two years. Oracle is still a giant step ahead all competitors, being the only producer that already integrates these functions in the infrastructure products platform Oracle9i.

The list with the major clients of the Oracle GIS systems includes Shell International, New York City Hall, AT&T Broadband, Edmonton City Hall, Winnipeg City Hall and Siemens. In Romania, the most important GIS solutions, based on Intergraph and Oracle products users count: the National Railroad Company, Bucharest City Hall, The National Agency for Mineral Resources, the Brown Coal National Company and many other city halls and cadastre offices.

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