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Methodology for e-Commerce is Approved

The methodology for applying the e-commerce law was approved in the November 13th governmental session. The new rules update the regulations in issuing e-money, the insurance activities as services of the information society, the collaboration, information and consulting procedures, the conditions for consumer protection institutions or for becoming a legal presence.

A special chapter is dedicated to the commercial communication, including ways to send the special consent to receive such communication, the message structure (the subject and the identity of the person who / for whom the communication is conducted), as well as the means to unsubscribe. No such communication can be made without a previous consent, that has to be sent through an e-mail, from the recipient's inbox, containing the message "I accept commercial communication from..." and the name of the sender. The subject line of this communication must begin with "ADVERTISING", and the recipient may be allowed to unsubscribe. The service must erase him from the address list in at most 48 hours.

According to the regulations, the IT&C Ministry will create and maintain a public list, containing the authorities' decisions referring to the illegal character of some communications.

The methodology is available at: http://www.mcti.ro/mcti1.html?page=1008

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