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Italian Government to Access Maps via Internet

As an integrating part of development of the Reference Maps Center, the Italian Environment Ministry created, jointly with the consulting company Planetek, a National Maps Distribution Center, using web servers. The web site (www.atlanteitaliano.it) offers unrestricted access through the Internet to different types of maps and photos with a total surface similar to the entire Italy.

The Earth Resources Mapping, used for this initiative, is available in Romania since 1999, through the authorized dealer, A&C INTERNATIONAL SA.

The data types available online include black and white photos and «ortophoto», with a resolution similar to the photos taken two steps away (nominal scale 1 : 10.000); maps belonging to the Italian Military Geographic Institute (scaled 1: 25.000, 1: 100.000, 1: 250.000 1: 1.000.000); and a digital slope model. The data, compressed as ECW, is distributed through an Image Web Server. The specific advantage is that the image can be accessed through the Internet in two ways: through the web site, using any browser, or through any GIS desktop application, using the individual URL image (only for registered and authorized users).

Accessing this web site, the users have three visualization options: singular, double and transparent:

  • The singular visualization is the fastest and enables a unique large-scale representation on the screen, together with the technical data.
  • The double visualization places on screen two geo-co-related. The images may represent the same area, but also the same area in different moments, in order to determine the changes.
  • The last option enables the overlapping of two different images with maximum transparence and precise control of the layers. The method can be used for multi-temporal analysis, in order to monitor the climate, even using different kinds of photos and files.

Using ER Mapper, thousands of individual images have been "puzzled" together in a single image, one for each type of data, representing a specific region. The ECW format significantly decreases the size of the files, thus enhancing the time required for transfer and delivery through the Image Web Server.

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