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Negotiations with the Local Administration Officials

"The Law on Transparency in Public Information and Services Administration through Electronic Tools imposes the obligation to sent within 60 days all the proper information referring to the sites developed by the local administration institutions, in order to record it into the National Electronic System. The role to be played by computer specialists in this initiative is proving to be increasingly important. The systems they develop, maintain and secure are an important contribution in the improvement of the populace-oriented services, helping to simplifying the bureaucratic procedures and increasing the information dissemination level", said Adriana Ticau, the IT Secretary within the IT&C Ministry, during the regional e-administration seminary, a part of the "ANIAP Caravan" initiative.

The IT Secretary has also drawn the attention on the fact that all state institutions must be prepared to accept, starting on January 1st 2004, the electronic card payment for local taxes and fees, also underlining the need to accelerate the informatic systems' implementation process in all city halls that have not yet introduced it. Adriana Ticau was impressed with the degree of interest shown by the local businessmen in the county of Iasi, in the IT&C area. As a result of the complete market liberalization, 27 notifications were received for the private provision of IT&C services and networks in this county.

The "ANIAP Caravan" agenda also included other themes, such as the main e-governance principles, the ways and the means for the wide implementation of e-governance projects as well as identifying the implications of the Transparence law.

The state secretary also visited the county of Galati, in order to analyze the way the preparations for applying the law are conducted. The local officials insisted during the past months on developing the administration forms to be made available starting next year. The city hall already launched its own site, www.primaria.galati.ro, and has some 140 PC-trained employees.

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