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Technology-based Health Program

The IT&C Ministry, jointly with the Health and Family Ministry, are about to present to the government a project designed to solve some of the current crisis of the medical assistance system. The initiative is based on the previous experience of the successful use of electronic systems for auction acquisitions (in just one year of functioning, the system brought 12 MN Euros worth savings).

Minister Dan Nica signed the ministerial statement on e-Health issues, referring, among others, to the specialized value-adding applications that guarantee the efficiency of the health system by improving the communication between its institutions and enlarging the access to medical information.

Another target was the launching of the European Health Insurance Card, a priority for both member and candidate states. Legislation, executive and administration initiatives currently take place in all these countries, in order to prepare for an efficient promotion of the eHealth applications.

At the round table "The e-Health Framework", the minister Dan Nica also discussed with Fabio Colasanti, EU General Manager for the Information Society, presenting him the achievements realized so far in the e-Government implementation in Romania, and also suggesting to set Bucharest as the host city for a future event, dedicated to citizen-oriented technology-based solutions. Colasanti agreed to the proposition, leaving the details settling on an experts' level.

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