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Mobile Payment Forum Adds New Members

The Mobile Payment Forum announced additions to its leadership team, including three new members of the board of directors and a new steering group chair, following a significant year for the organization. Created in November 2001, the Mobile Payment Forum is still the only global, cross-industry alliance of leading organizations from the mobile and financial industries dedicated the advancement of mobile commerce. The Forum focuses its efforts on standardizing the features and functions needed to deploy secure and convenient mobile commerce solutions.
Some delays in e-Governance in India

NASSCOM, the apex industry association of software and service companies in India, sharing findings of its e-Governance study, said that the e-Governance market in India is gaining traction but there are challenges which are stalling its progress. According to NASSCOM, the e-Governance market is witnessing year-on-year growth and is estimated to be Rs. 1400 crores in size in 2001-02. The e-Governance market grew by 18% last year and is the highest growing vertical in the domestic IT market.
Open-Source Books

As the open source community grows every day, new ideas and initiatives come to fill in the areas where the concept was never heard before. The most recent "open initiatives" refer to publishing, where Prentice Hall, a technical and academic book publisher, has embraced the open-source philosophy for a new series of books.
23rd Postal Services' Congress to Take Place in Romania

The IT&C Minister, Dan Nica, and Thomas E. Leavey, General Manager of the Universal Post Service International Bureau signed, at the end of June, the protocol for organizing the 23rd UPU congress in Romania.

Romania Presents E-Governance in Prague

"Romania is a player in the economic competition, and the Telecomm and IT areas play and increasingly important role for Romania's integration in the European structures. The modern systems we implemented - such as the e-Procurement, that leaded to 1850 billion ROL savings - and e-Tax, that is functional in 48 county capitals, are considered by all the users as instruments that may be successfully used against corruption and bureaucracy", said Adriana Ticau, State Secretary for IT within the IT&C Ministry, who participated in the 16th Annual Conference for e-Europe in Prague, dedicated to "Web Services - Management and Compatibility" this year.

Romania Receives Economic Mission from Virginia, USA

An American delegation, formed by the representatives of five Virginian companies visited Romania, answering the invitation launched by the TIGREUS Foundation and ARIES (The National Association of the Software and Services Industry).

Negotiations with the Local Administration Officials

"The Law on Transparency in Public Information and Services Administration through Electronic Tools imposes the obligation to sent within 60 days all the proper information referring to the sites developed by the local administration institutions, in order to record it into the National Electronic System. The role to be played by computer specialists in this initiative is proving to be increasingly important. The systems they develop, maintain and secure are an important contribution in the improvement of the populace-oriented services, helping to simplifying the bureaucratic procedures and increasing the information dissemination level", said Adriana Ticau, the IT Secretary within the IT&C Ministry, during the regional e-administration seminary, a part of the "ANIAP Caravan" initiative.

eBay Adds VAT

Settling the conflict with the new EU e-Commerce regulations, eBay decided to add VAT to its prices thus leadin to a general price increase for its services.
IT&C Ministry to offer assistance for the second IST projects demand

"I wish to invite all the interested companies, research institutes and universities to apply as numerous as possible within the Information Society Technologies program, starting on June 17th 2003, when the second call for projects' submission was officially launched. This is the first year when Romania participates as a full member of the EU 6th Frame Program. Forming the consortiums in time and finding the proper partners, after agreeing upon an eligible subject, is an important competitive advantage for all the interested parties", said Dan Nica, IT&C Minister, during the official launching of the 2nd Call for IST Projects' submission.

Visa and DataCard to Offer Smartcard Solutions

Visa International and Datacard Group recently launched on the market the first product of their co-operation, targeting a new offering for the Visa-member banks: new customization tools for smart cards.

Netratings Launches AdRelevance 4.0

Nielsen//NetRatings, the global standard for Internet audience measurement and analysis, launched AdRelevance 4.0, thus providing the advertising and media buying and selling communities with new tracking tools to help more effectively measure and research online advertising campaigns.

Labor Force Management Through the National Electronic System

"The integrated informatic system implemented by ANOFM - the National Agency for Labor Force Occupation - will most definitely represent one of the first services made available through the National Electronic System projected by the anti-corruption law", said Adriana Ticau, State Secretary in the IT&C Ministry, during the launching of the "ANOFM Informatic Integrated System".

Technology-based Health Program

The IT&C Ministry, jointly with the Health and Family Ministry, are about to present to the government a project designed to solve some of the current crisis of the medical assistance system. The initiative is based on the previous experience of the successful use of electronic systems for auction acquisitions (in just one year of functioning, the system brought 12 MN Euros worth savings).


What's hindering the wider deployment and larger uptake of Grid type architectures ?
Adina Riposan, Director
The most significant obstacles are non-technical organizational barriers, rooted in people and processes…

The Cost of Outsourcing Is Often Underestimated
Radu Rizea, Chief Editor
The main trend in the enterprise IT development is to turn to outsourcing to control and cut IT costs. Still, the latest Gartner research reveals that the total cost of IT outsourcing is often underestimated, and initial cost reductions do not always lead to lower costs. This ussually happens when the IT managers look rather at the initial cost reductions than the total cost during the life of a deal and to the value a service provider's capabilities can bring.

WWW Consortium Approves Latest Soap Protocol
Subscriptions for the Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004 Competition
Netratings Launches AdRelevance 4.0
IT&C Ministry to offer assistance for the second IST projects demand
Visa and DataCard to Offer Smartcard Solutions

Subscriptions for the Stockholm Challenge Award 2003/2004 Competition
23rd Postal Services' Congress to Take Place in Romania
Snapfish Awarded by Nielsen // Netratings at Webby Awards
Oracle Ready Opened Oracle Appsworld London 2003
Romania Receives Economic Mission from Virginia, USA
Romania Presents E-Governance in Prague
IT&C Ministry Warns: Authors' Rights Aren't Subject to Negotiations
Oracle to Offer Solutions for GIS Solutions
Productivity and efficiency through Web applications development
IT&C Ministry Announces Massive Investments in Alternative Infrastructure
IT&C Ministry Struggles to Keep Specialists from Fleeing
ARIES Launches "Summer Workshops" Series
O'Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2003

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