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Tax Hunting -
Defining the "borderlines"
Adina Riposan, Director
Businessmen are generally seeking to avoid double taxation and also benefit from the impressive mobility allowed by Electronic business, getting the possibility to move their operations from one jurisdiction to another, in search for more favorable Tax policies. In these circumstances, Tax authorities get concerned about the imminent reduction of the global Tax base, while realizing that existing Laws are scarcely able to properly capture electronic business operations, especially as concerns the new profit sources.

The Future of Mobile Platforms Comes Into Shape at Intel Developer Forum
Radu Rizea
Chief Editor

During the Intel Developer Forum, Intel Corporation released information on its upcoming mobile PC platform, codenamed Banias, which features an entirely new processor microarchitecture. The processors already run at 3 GHz, the compatibility reached unprecedented levels, the products will offer both Bluetooth and 802.11 capabilities, the security seems to no longer be an issue, and the technology keeps on evolving. We may say that the fourth generation of products turned into reality at IDF.

Two-Factor Authentication Solution from RSA Security
Less than 10% of Internet Advertisers Use "Pop-Up" Ads
Free Software Movement Struggles for Freedom
Gartner Recommends Notebooks with Wireless LAN Onboard
Legal Frame for Electronic ID
Education Ministry Issues Doctor's Degree Research Program - TD 2002-2003

Apple Expo 2002
NetWorld+Interop and COMDEX 2002 Atlanta
"IBM eServer Technology Truck" in Bucharest
IDC Directions Conference - Creating Business Value Through IT Solutions
Romania to Host QTICT'02
Quality, Fiability and Maintenability
Oracle Technology Day
International Broadband Communications Conference To be Held in Bucharest
IF@BO 2002: A First Time Focus on CEE
CITA 2002: IT Goes East
Internetics 2002
E-Government Projects Exhibition 2002
The 12th International World Wide Web Conference to Take Place in Budapest
November 2001, and the Seminary on the IST Community Program.
Autodesk Opens "Worldwide One Team Conference 2002"
Consultation Forum on Satellite-Based Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Major Support for Linux at LinuxWorld&Expo
ANIAP Annual Conference to be Held in Venus
Intel Developer Forum Set for September
"Advancing the Digital Universe"

Flamingo Launches "Back to School" Tombola
Engineers' Association Organizes "Knowledge Society" Conference

Strategies & Consulting
Oracle Portal - A Viable Solution for Local Administration
Less than 10% of Internet Advertisers Use "Pop-Up" Ads
Creating Business Value Through IT Solutions
PricewaterhouseCoopers Received Partner Approval for the Sale of PwC Consulting to IBM
The Global Network Visanet - Zero Errors
Aladdin eToken - The InTech Authentication Solution
Top 10 U.S.Advertising Agencies Use Nielsen/NetRatings
e&m Market
Four Banks to Share ATMs in Romania
Chordiant and IBM to Jointly Offer Insurance Solutions
"CyberCity" - Taipei Development with Autodesk
Dutch Hospital Chooses Oracle E-Business Suite
VeriSign Expands Managed DNS Services
Online Auction Market Grows in Romania
Microsoft's Automotive Software Platform to be Deployed in "G-BOOK"
Rol.ro Offers Online Flight Reservations
Cutting Edge E-Publishing Technologies - One Step Forth to Digital Economy
Market Research
Worldwide Mobile and Wireless Professional Services Market Will Increase 58.5%
METAspectrum Report Places Oracle on Top of Relational Databases Market
US Losses - $59.5 Billion per Year because of Software Errors
Oracle Tops IDC 2002 Application Service Provider Leadership Grid
Enterprise IP Telephony Continues to Threaten Traditional PBXs
American Laptop PC Users Become Addicts
Hispanics Are the Fastest Growing Ethnic Group Online
Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training
Almost All European Schools Are Network Connected
Software Piracy Drops 2%
People around the World Increasingly Favour Globalization, but Worry about Jobs, Poverty and Environment
Data Warehousing Report
Gigabit to the Desktop Upgrade Cycle Begins

Senate Approves General Frame for Communication Regulations
Emergency Order on the Telecomm General Regulation Frame
Senate Approves Laws on Public E-Procurement
Noi reglementari pentru serviciile postale din România
Un pas spre armonizarea cu prevederile acquis-ului comunitar

3G Mobile Communication Licenses
e-Law.com -
Database for the WorldCom and Enron Bankruptcies

Microsoft Settlement Program Milestones
Audio-Video Law May Now Be Enforced
Legal Frame for Electronic ID
Audit & Taxation
Methodology for Tax e-Payment Finally Approved
Timisoara Implements eTax Services
EU Approves Tax on US E-Commerce
California to Ease Software Taxes

Strategies & Consulting (IT)
Two-Factor Authentication Solution from RSA Security
HP Posts World-Record Benchmark Results for Secure, Encrypted Internet Transactions
Gartner Recommends Notebooks with Wireless LAN Onboard
Free Software Movement Struggles for Freedom
IBM, Philips and Telematica Instituut - Joint Research for Secure Content Delivery
Nokia Sees 3Q Mobile Phone Sales Strengthening and EPS Within Guidance
Oracle Technology Day
Fujitsu Siemens Computers Mobility Demo-Center Opened in Walldorf
BlackBerry Meets US Department of Defense's Advanced Wireless Security Standard
Sun Offers New Programs for SAP Customers
Boeing to Implement IBM Systems with AIX -
DoD Certification

Software Research Associates Acquires Turbolinux
Customers Increasingly Choose Dell for Enterprise Computing
Oracle - Dell Partnership Broadens Support For Growing Application Server Market
Qualcomm and Siemens Modify Existing CDMA Cross-Licensing Agreement
IT Solutions & Applications
New Desktop Devices Designed to Reflect Personal Style
HP Delivers High-Power Notebook Technologies in Sleek, Mobile Design - Compaq Presario 2800
Macromedia Launches Coldfusion MX for J2EE Application Servers
New IBM ThinkPad Lasts for 8 Hours
HP Launches New UNIX 05 Server Line
Change your Phonebook to the New Numeration System. It's easy -
ezNumbers From Algoritma

PaperPort Pro Suite Integrated with Oracle9i
UPS Powerware 9170
Microsoft Introduces Picture It! Digital Image Pro
MySQL Enriches Open Source Community
Java Verification Program for the Enterprise
Siemens Business Service Develops New Smartcard Solution
Communication Technologies
Twelve Networking Leaders Come Together to Build State-of-the-Art Network
Alcatel Optronics Launches 8-Channel Hybrid Optical Combiner
Cyclades Unveils PCI Adaptor for Serial Syncron Connections
GENESYS Offers Allied Telesyn AT-RG203 Residential Gateway
Bluetooth SIG Adopts New Solutions
Nokia and Siemens Increase Collaboration
Ericsson compression technology boosts 3G network capacity
Patton NetLink Model 1193
Nokia Commends Approval of CDMA2000 1xEV-DV as 3G Standard
SyChip Solutions - WLAN 6060 for Wireless Internet Appliances
New Air Interface for IP
Internet & Mobile Internet
Alcatel One Touch 715 - Time to Open Your Eyes !
Nokia Launches GPS Module
New Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
Oracle Portal - A Viable Solution for Local Administration
Xybernaut - Mobility Concepts Agreement
Two-Factor Authentication Solution from RSA Security
PCnet + Broadband = Administrare Online

Nokia Launches New Network Security Appliances for SME Market
A New BusinessPhone Communication System from Ericsson
Fujitsu Siemens SCENIC Professional PC and Lifebooks Now Have Preinstalled Microsoft Office XP
IBM Offers PeopleSoft Solutions to Medium-Sized Businesses
Philips and Intel - New Technology Platform For Multimedia Devices
Ericsson to Deploy Wireless Village Instant Messaging Solution
HP Offers Photos that Surpass Look and Feel of Traditional Photos
"CyberCity" - Taipei Development with Autodesk
Discovery Channel Uses PC's to Bring Tasmanian Tiger Back to Life
LightSurf Launches LightSurf IV
Instant Imaging Platform

Autodesk Helps in Cancer Therapy

Strategies & Consulting (HR)
Education Ministry Issues Doctor's Degree Research Program - TD 2002-2003
Oracle Has Two New Offerings for Oracle 9iAS and Java Pros
Professional Certification Expands to EMEA Countries

Compatibility Testing Scholarship Program -
JavaTM technology Specifications

Extreme Values Theory Course
Computerland - a Veteran of Proffessional Education
IBM Showcases e-Learning Standards
Cutting Edge E-Publishing Technologies - One Step Forth to Digital Economy
PC "Driver License" to be Enforced in Romania
British Council Opens Knowledge and Learning Services Centre
"Together for a Better Education"
Professional Trainings
COMPUTERLAND Training Center - Open Courses
Mihai Jitaru, Training Center Manager
Oracle9i New Features TBTs
The Complete List of Training Courses
Genesys Software Romania
Genesys Becomes Certified Partner of Caldera OpenLearning Provider Program
Cisco Certification Program Grows to 12
Citrix Introduces NFuse Elite Training

OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner

Offshore Overview

OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner
Which are the main reasons for setting up an Offshore company ?

OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner

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