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Regulating Mass Media in the Information Society -
Infringement Compets the Progress
Adina Riposan, Director
The introduction of digital technology has altered the parameters of debate about the Media because it promises to recast the relationships between producers and audiences, broadcasters and narrowcasters, programming and interactive capabilities. Moreover, it is no longer thought that media act as "mirrors" of society, influential groups being capable to use the media to convey their definitions of reality. On the other hand, the need to secure efficiency and profitability opposes the journalistic aspirations to free speech and editorial independence.

Microsoft - The Crumbling Empire ?
Radu Rizea, Chief Editor
In the past few years, the current of opinion against Microsoft has grown in intensity and spread to a global level. Unstable systems, blockage, spying the consumers, irreparable bugs, patches that kill computers after download directly from the Microsoft official site - all these turned into just as many reasons for an attitude against Bill Gates (a kind of current No.1 public enemy).

HP Unveils Enhanced Linux Product Portfolio
Antel Holdings Ltd. to Aquire KPNQwest Central Europe Operations
Microsoft Settlement Program Milestones
IBM to Acquire PwC Consulting

Major Support for Linux at LinuxWorld&Expo
E-Government Projects Exhibition 2002
The 12th International World Wide Web Conference to Take Place in Budapest
November 2001, and the Seminary on the IST Community Program.
The First IEEE International Workshop
Consultation Forum on Satellite-Based Global Monitoring for Environment and Security
Siveco Demontrates On-line Business in Tulcea
CAD Donation Worth $64 Million
Intel Developer Forum Set for September "Advancing the Digital Universe"
Flamingo Launches "Back to School" Tombola
Engineers' Association Organizes "Knowledge Society" Conference

Strategies & Consulting
Siemens Business Service Develops New Smartcard Solution
The Global Network Visanet - Zero Errors
IBM to Acquire PwC Consulting
HP and Deloitte Consulting Expand Global Alliance in CRM
Microsoft to Build "Access Portal for E-Government Services" in Romania
Intrarom to Measure eEurope Indicators
e&m Market
Visa Contributes to Chip Cards Price Decrease
HP Efforts for Wireless Retailing Solutions
Banc Post and Mastercard Launch Virtual Cards
E-Payments Become More Popular
Postal Service to Accelerate IT Deployment Process
Online Auction Market Grows in Romania
Banc Post and Zapp Mobile to Launch SmartTel 3G Service
Market Research
Worldwide Mobile and Wireless Professional Services Market Will Increase 58.5%
Chip Sales Reach $11.37 Billion, According to the SIA- Semiconductor Industry Association's Report
US Losses - $59.5 Billion per Year because of Software Errors
Oracle Tops IDC 2002 Application Service Provider Leadership Grid
Mozilla Wins Customers from Microsoft
American Laptop PC Users Become Addicts
Hispanics Are the Fastest Growing Ethnic Group Online
Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training
Almost All European Schools Are Network Connected
Software Piracy Drops 2%
People around the World Increasingly Favour Globalization, but Worry about Jobs, Poverty and Environment
Data Warehousing Report
Gigabit to the Desktop Upgrade Cycle Begins

Audio-Video Law May Now Be Enforced
Senate Approves General Frame for Communication Regulations
Emergency Order on the Telecomm General Regulation Frame
Senate Approves Laws on Public E-Procurement
Noi reglementari pentru serviciile postale din România
VoIP Support for International Calls Is Illegal
3G Mobile Communication Licenses
e-Law.com - Database for the WorldCom and Enron Bankruptcies
Microsoft Settlement Program Milestones
Audit & Taxation
Methodology for Tax e-Payment Finally Approved
Timisoara Implements eTax Services
EU Approves Tax on US E-Commerce
California to Ease Software Taxes

Strategies & Consulting (IT)
HP Unveils Enhanced Linux Product Portfolio
IBM Moves Key Applications to Linux
Antel Holdings Ltd. to Aquire KPNQwest Central Europe Operations
Architects to Pay Only 25% for Autodesk Software
Oracle - Dell Partnership Broadens Support For Growing Application Server Market
Softwin and Software Research
Symantec - Symbian Partnership for Smartphones' Security
Shutdown of KPNQwest Networks Will Not Affect Services in Romania
RCS to Offer Telephony Services
Qalcomm and Alcatel Agreement on CDMA Infrastructure Patent License
Fujitsu Siemens Rules Notebooks' Market
IT Solutions & Applications
Change your Phonebook to the New Numeration System. It's easy - ezNumbers From Algoritma
IBM Introduces "Shark" - the Improved Enterprise Storage Server
Storage Cost Cuts with Release 2 of Oracle9i Database
Alcatel Optronics Launches a New Family for Network Management
PaperPort Pro Suite Integrated with Oracle9i
Java Verification Program for the Enterprise
Siemens Business Service Develops New Smartcard Solution
AMD Launches the Lowest Power Flash Memory Device on HP Servers and Workstations for Enterprise Customers
Communication Technologies
SyChip Solutions - WLAN 6060 for Wireless Internet Appliances
New Air Interface for IP
Nokia Commends Approval of CDMA2000 1xEV-DV as 3G Standard
Allied Telesyn Introduces New Stacking Fibre Switch
Bluetooth SIG Adopts New Solutions
Nokia and Siemens Increase Collaboration
Ericsson compression technology boosts 3G network capacity
Alcatel to Launch UMTS Network in Malaysia
Internet & Mobile Internet
Nokia Launches GPS Module
New Nokia Mobile Internet Toolkit
The New Generation TETRA: MTH500
Wireless and Voice Integration Kit from Oracle9i AS
Xybernaut - Mobility Concepts Agreement
Banc Post and Zapp Mobile to Launch SmartTel 3G Service

A New BusinessPhone Communication System from Ericsson
Fujitsu Siemens SCENIC Professional PC and Lifebooks Now Have Preinstalled Microsoft Office XP
Oracle's FastForward Program - Core Business Applications in Weeks
Intel Goes Inside Hollywood
Discovery Channel Uses PC's to Bring Tasmanian Tiger Back to Life
HP Offers Photos that Surpass Look and Feel of Traditional Photos
One Year of Intuitext
Acrobat Reader and PDF Mobile Platforms

Strategies & Consulting (HR)
CAD Donation Worth $64 Million
Oracle Has Two New Offerings for Oracle 9iAS and Java Pros - Professional Certification Expands to EMEA Countries
Compatibility Testing Scholarship Program - JavaTM technology Specifications
Extreme Values Theory Course
Computerland - a Veteran of Proffessional Education
IBM Showcases e-Learning Standards
Internet Used to Promote Talented Kids
HP Joins Cisco Networking Academy Program
Romania Involves in Worldwide Science Network - GRID
Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training
Professional Trainings
COMPUTERLAND Training Center
Oracle9i New Features TBTs Organized By Oracle Romania
Genesys Software Romania
Genesys Becomes Certified Partner of Caldera OpenLearning Provider Program

The Estate and General Group - Overseas Company Registration Agency Ltd. (O.C.R.A.)
OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner
Offshore Overview
Which are the main reasons for setting up an Offshore company ?


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