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Playing Alexander the Great
Adina Riposan, Director
"Better keep yourself clean and bright; you are the window through which you must see the World."
(George Bernard Shaw)

Romania Laws Always Cut Both Ways
The stakes - the Audio-Video Law
Radu Rizea, Chief Editor
There still would be too hard to say whether it's that Romanians are too querulous or that the laws are made by incompetents. The only thing we know is that all important laws cause arguments: we always manage to find a few contradictions, some bad intention or at least a clear abuse against the human rights. Also every time, in just a few days, it all goes back to peace and quietness, as if it were just a drunk, breaking bottles in the hall for a while. Just when the law comes into force and starts having effects, it's all right with every one!

GiantsÂ’ Crumble
Oracle Has Two New Offerings for Oracle 9iAS and Java Pros
Connex Launches On-line Sales on SMS

OracleWorld Copenhagen: Education, Innovation and Collaboration June 24 - 27, 2002
ICANN Officials in Romania The Annual Conference of the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
"Romanian Business Week in Greece" Greek Financing for Romanian IT Projects

Strategies & Consulting
Visa Electron and BCR Offer Prizes to Their New Clients
Greek Financing for Romanian IT Projects "Romanian Business Week in Greece"
Oracle Reports Q4 and FY02 Results
First Edition ANIS Business Club
VeriSign and AOL to Offer Encrypted Instant Messaging
eBay and VeriSign Announce New Marketing and Services Alliance
e&m Market
Visa Contributes to Chip Cards Price Decrease
Soficom and Edenbrook Awarded for E-Marketing Campaigns
New IBM Service Automates Healthcare Insurance
James Bond Uses Visa Cards
Credits Approved via Postal Demands
Connex Launches On-line Sales on SMS
Market Research
Who's Doing the Spending on Content?
Laurie A. Seymour
Mozilla Wins Customers from Microsoft
Almost All European Schools Are Network Connected
People around the World Increasingly Favour Globalization, but Worry about Jobs, Poverty and Environment
Oracle Leads on the Modern Databases Market
American Laptop PC Users Become Addicts
IDC: Market Improves, Still Remains Soft
Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training
15% Decrease on the Global Servers Market
Software Piracy Drops 2%
IBM unseats Oracle
Data Warehousing Report

Senate Approves General Frame for Communication Regulations
Emergency Order on the Telecomm General Regulation Frame
Senate Approves Laws on Public E-Procurement
Noi reglementari pentru serviciile postale din România
112 May Use Phone Operators' Databases
Audit & Taxation
Methodology for Tax e-Payment Finally Approved
First E-payment System
EU Approves Tax on US E-Commerce
California to Ease Software Taxes

Strategies & Consulting (IT)
Sun si Oracle fac procesele de consolidare mai rentabile
GiantsÂ’ Crumble
SAP Distribution Strategy Demonstrates New Records for Scalability and Throughput Results on Oracle9i Real Application Clusters
WorldCom Scandal Dazzles the Markets
IBM Supercomputer To Fight Global Disease
Online Antivirus from Softwin
Flamingo Extends its Retail Chain
KPNQwest Survives a New Payment Deadline
Servers Consolidation Becomes A Must
Data Warehousing Report
IT Solutions & Applications
Philips Demonstrates New Optical Storage Products
High Performance Enterprise Features at PC Server Prices
New Browser from PalmSource. Java Interface
Motorola Launches Universal 1 Mb MRAM Memory
Intuitext in French
SAS Optimizes Its Software for Intel Itanium 2-Based Servers
Softwin Against Kazaa Infection
Red Hat Linux Advanced Server Available on HP Servers and Workstations for Enterprise Customers
Communication Technologies
Oracle9i JDeveloper for 3G Application Development
Managed Shared Services Over MPLS on Cisco Technology
Alcatel Chooses Intel Media Switch for the Alcatel OmniSwitch Stackable Family
Gygabyte Licenses Blue802 Technology
Bluetooth SIG Adopts New Solutions
Nokia and Siemens Increase Collaboration
Ericsson compression technology boosts 3G network capacity
Internet & Mobile Internet
Wireless and Voice Integration Kit from Oracle9i AS
Tiqits Handheld - Mini PC!
The New Generation TETRA: MTH500
Mozilla Wins Customers from Microsoft
Connex Launches On-line Sales on SMS
Nokia and Siemens Increase Collaboration

Commerce One and Compaq Deliver E-Procurement Improvements
A New BusinessPhone Communication System from Ericsson
Fujitsu Siemens SCENIC Professional PC and Lifebooks Now Have Preinstalled Microsoft Office XP
Oracle's FastForward Program - Core Business Applications in Weeks
Discovery Channel Uses PC's to Bring Tasmanian Tiger Back to Life
3DLabs Launch First Programmable Graphics Accelerator Family
NVIDIA Launches NVIDIA Cg Compiler
Video On Demand Expected Incomes: $8.2 Billion in 2008
IBM Helps Digital Media

Strategies & Consulting (HR)
Oracle Has Two New Offerings for Oracle 9iAS and Java Pros - Professional Certification Expands to EMEA Countries
Romanian Students Are the Best
IBM Opens Linux Testing Centre
Free E-Learning from Autodesk
Computerland - a Veteran of Proffessional Education
Intel Expands Research Operations to Europe
IBM Inc. to Lay Off 8,000 Workers
HP Joins Cisco Networking Academy Program
Romania Involves in Worldwide Science Network - GRID
Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training
Professional Trainings
COMPUTERLAND Training Center
Oracle9i New Features TBTs Organized By Oracle Romania
Genesys Software Romania
Genesys Becomes Certified Partner of Caldera OpenLearning Provider Program

The Estate and General Group - Overseas Company Registration Agency Ltd. (O.C.R.A.)
OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner
Offshore Overview
Which are the main reasons for setting up an Offshore company ?


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