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Which are the main reasons for setting up an Offshore company ?
OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner

Depending upon the intention of the beneficiary and upon his purpose, these companies may be used as follows:

  • For the structuring of the international commercial relations (import, export, re-export) by the inter-positioning in this chain of an offshore company;
  • For capital investment, capital moving, contracting of external credit;
  • For real asset possession, use, and valorification, with tax exemption;
  • For insurance of private assets in case of changes in political regimes;
  • For leasing-type transactions;
  • For the registration of a plane or ship, as well as for other many purposes.

Example 1: export

Company A has goods that may be sold on the market, the manufacturing price of which is of 1,000 USD. For these goods, there is a purchaser willing to pay a price of 1,500 USD. Company A has an offshore company B. Company A shall sell the goods to the offshore company B for the price of 1,050 USD, in order to realise in the country a profit of 50 USD. The offshore company B sells to the purchaser, by simple operation of invoicing, the goods for a price of 1,500 USD. Thus, the offshore company B makes a profit of 450 USD which shall remain entirely at its disposal, being exempted from taxation.

Example 2: import

Company I, Romanian legal entity, wants to import in Romania a product found at a manufacturer, company M, for a price of 1,000 USD. Company I from Romania has an offshore company B that purchases this product from the manufacturing company M for the price of 1,000 USD and re-sells it to company I for the price of 1,500 USD.

Example 3: the registration of real assets on the name of offshore companies

In the 60's, the main cause of the rapid development of the Gibraltar peninsula was first of all the increase of the Spanish's desire to buy real assets. Many of them preferred to buy real assets on the name of a Gibraltar company because, at the moment when they wanted to sell those real assets, they sold the company that they had purchased, and not the real asset proper said, so that the nominal owner of the real asset remained the same (the company incorporated in Gibraltar), and only the owner of the company changed.

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