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March 10, 2008
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OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner

The fiscal and political instability has generated a new époque in what concerns internal and international taxes, as well as the protection of investments.

In this époque, The Estate and General Group was created, a company which throughout time became one of the largest firm of incorporation and administration of companies, having at present approximately 300 employees specialised in various fields (accountancy, avoidance of double taxation, international taxes, international legislation, etc.) in over 20 registered offices from all over the world, providing high-quality services to its clients, among whom there are multinational companies, private companies, lawyers and accountants from over 100 countries all around the world.

In view of satisfying the requirements of the clients of the group, a close collaboration is maintained with the most prestigious companies of financial and accounting consultancy, with numerous banks and financial institutions, as well as with the best law practicians from all over the world.

Overseas Company Registration Agent Ltd. - (O.C.R.A.) - a division of The Estate and General Group - was created in order to provide high-quality, professional services in what concerns the incorporation and administration of offshore companies in 31 jurisdictions with a reduced fiscality. The clients of O.C.R.A. are engaged in their own country or at international level in various fields of activity, such as: internal and international trade, banking, insurance, constructions, financial investments, brokerage, transportation, and others.

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