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Lower Expectations Worldwide Corporate IT Education and Training

According to IDC, software spending in North America did not grow nearly as quickly in 2001 as it did in 2000, when it increased more than 18% over 1999 spending. Over-investment, particularly in technology, by companies prior to the bubble burst has deterred growth in investment over the past 18 or so months. The result is that the IT training market, while still growing in 2001, was impacted adversely.

The training market is not immune to the IT service spending slowdown, a new research from IDC reveals. In a recently published report, virtually every region in which IDC covers IT training, analysts have revised their market sizing for 2001 downward and lowered expectations for growth in 2002. However, longer-term outlooks are more positive. IDC predicts the worldwide market for Corporate IT Education and Training will increase at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.2% to reach $39 billion by 2006.

The picture for 2002 will be anything but rosy, particularly during the first two quarters. The main factors that will affect IT demand remain related to wider economic concerns and business confidence. However, the growth of various software markets foretells revenue increases in the IT training market.

IDC believes that the market for delivering IT training content using the corporate network as a medium will grow by nearly 44% in 2002, as buyers feel that e-learning is particularly suitable for technical subjects such as application training, programming, and system infrastructure training.
IDC remains optimistic about the corporate IT training marketplace, particularly over the long term.

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