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Oracle's FastForward Program - Core Business Applications in Weeks

Oracle has to date closed 227 deals with 180 EMEA organizations for fixed-price, fixed-time and fixed-scope implementations of core modules of the Oracle(r) E-Business Suite, of which more than 70 percent have already gone live. Oracle FastForward projects have recently been completed at General Dynamics and Ocado in the United Kingdom, RRP and Windesheim College of Further Education in the Netherlands, and PSZAF in Hungary.
Fujitsu Siemens SCENIC Professional PC and Lifebooks Now Have Preinstalled Microsoft Office XP

Fujitsu Siemens Computers will be offering selected SCENIC family PC systems and Lifebooks with preinstalled Microsoft Office XP as part of its Value4You program at especially attractive terms.
A New BusinessPhone Communication System from Ericsson

Ericsson now offers a new BusinessPhone Communication System: BusinessPhone 5.1. This new version is the result of continuous development of the BusinessPhone concept addressing the communication needs of small to medium-sized enterprises with 30 to 200 employees.
Commerce One and Compaq Deliver E-Procurement Improvements

Commerce One and Compaq Computer Corporation made available "Procurement Express", a new solution combining Commerce One's industry-leading e-procurement software together with industry-standard Compaq ProLiant servers and Compaq Global Services.

Stereotype Thinking - A Reality ?
Redefine "normality" for the new Millenium. Could flexibility reduce obtusity ?
Adina Riposan, Director
"Reasonable people adapt themselves to the world. Unreasonable people attempt to adept the world to themselves. All progress, therefore, depends on unreasonable people."
(George Bernard Shaw)

Language and Estrangement at 2Ghzps
Radu Rizea, Chief Editor
"World is changing... Fast". I wish I had a dime for every time I heard this. Bill Gates would have been my assistant accountant. I'm not about to endlessly chat about the technique - evolving faster than our understanding abilities, and I'm not about to lament on the fact that, except for some experts, no one understands what's going on.

Innovative Mobile & Office Technology from HP, Showcased at the Inc.500 20th Anniversary Conference
Global Telecomm Carriers Rule the NSP Market
Enriched Services from CONNEX

OracleWorld Copenhaga
Annual Conference Citrix Romania - 2002
Flamingo Road Show Returns in 2002
The Telecomm Liberalization in the Central and Eastern Europe
IBM to Organize "eServer and Storage Consolidation" Roadshow
Conferinta Anuala Caldera in Romania - 2002

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