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New Motorola Transcoding Solution for Wireless Deployment

Motorola Computer Group extended its range of wireless transcoding solutions with the launch of the ComStruct PTMC Wireless Transcoder, designed to accelerate the OEM deployment of the latest voice processing technology.

Based on industry standard hardware and software modules, Motorola's solution aims to simplify the deployment of 3G wireless media gateways and transcoders that can significantly increase channel capacity and voice quality as well as add new features to non-standard enclosures that comprise most 2G/2.5G wireless infrastructure. By allowing OEMs and operators to keep much of their existing equipment while benefiting from the latest technology, the ComStruct PTMC Wireless Transcoder helps operators minimize their capital expenditure and average cost per user and therefore boost profitability.

Designed to deliver up to 300 channels of AMR and over 220 channels of EVRC, the ComStruct PTMC Wireless Transcoder will help OEMs respond to demand from operators for third generation (UMTS and CDMA) adaptive rate vocoders, while reducing development and deployment costs and retaining proven infrastructure such as redundancy and failover management systems.

It will also provide a software-upgradeable platform for the new Selectable Mode Vocoder (SMV) which, according to the CDMA Development Group, will enable subscribers to enjoy superior quality and service providers to increase system capacity by up to 75% compared with current CDMA vocoders.

The PTMC Wireless Transcoder is expected to be available in Q2 2002 at a cost of around $12 per port for OEM volumes. For more information and a datasheet please visit www.motorola.com/telecom.

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