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Software Piracy Drops 2%

The software piracy rate dropped to 75% in 2001, the representatives of Business Software Alliance in Romania announced. The last years' general trend was a decrease of these frauds - 18% less piracy since 1996. Despite the encouraging figure, the piracy rate remains one of the largest in the region and worldwide.

The losses the main business software and applications producers registered in Romania rise up to more than 19 million dollars yearly. To all this, we might add the losses of other software producers and the losses of the Romanian state, coming from unpaid dues. A study conducted by Data Monitor in 2000 estimates the total losses registered in Romania because of the software piracy at some 150 million dollars yearly.

The highest piracy rate in the region is registered in Russia and Ukraine - 87%, while the lowest is in the Czech Republic - 53%. The lowest European piracy levels are found in UK 25% and Finland - 27%. The piracy rate increased 3% worldwide, reaching 40%. The total losses caused to the software producers are estimated at some 11 billion dollars every year.

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