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Strategies & Consulting
Integrated Business Flows from Oracle
Oracle e-Business Suite 11i Upgrade Services
The MeT Initiative Gathers 55 Associate Members
e&m Market
Advanced Marketing Online Provided by Oracle Applications
ACI and COMPAQ to Deploy ZLE e-Pazment Solutions
Ericsson Obtains Global Environmental Certificate
Market Research
Eastern European IT Market Analysis - After a Gartner Dataquest report published on November 1, 2001 - Eastern Europe: Country Segmentation, 2001
Authors: Fabrizio Biscotti, Frank Fabricius, Annette Jump and Gianluca Tramacere

Determining "The Permanent Establisment (PE)"
By Adina Riposan Director – CONTACT NET
IT&C Ministry Replies to Accusations: Postal Services Remain Safe
Hackers, Crackers, Spamers, Something New is Coming Up!
By Radu Rizea, Reporter
The Finalizing of the Negotiation Process for Deciding the Consulting Company for the Privatization of S.N.Tc.ROMTELECOM S.A Will Soon Come to an End
Audit & Taxation
Over 200.000 Companies Do Not Know Yet How They Are Going To Pay Taxes - Answers Expected From the Ministry of Finances
Costi Neacsu, Lawyer - Member of the Bar Bucharest
Who Gets The Incentives? - Supporting the IT Industry

Strategies & Consulting (IT)
Struggle for TETRA ISI Implementation
Intel Software Brings Human-Like Computer Vision
Alternative Mainframes form Sun and Oracle
HP - Compaq Merger Has Clearance from Canadian Competition Bureau
Compaq to Become the American Express Technology Provider
Motorola Supports the Airwave Service until 2021
Oracle Highly Involves in Medical Research
IT Solutions & Applications
Compaq and Oracle Develop New Cluster Solutions
New Solutions: Oracle9i Application Server Release2
According to IDC Market Share Figures, HP Grows Despite Tough Economy
World's Smallest Sized GSM/GPRS Power Amp
Quad Band Memory, First DDR Memory With Doubled Bandwidth
New Intel Processor for the Desktop Computers Market
Communication Technologies
Second Generation of Tetra Radios Is Now Available......Including Internet in a Self Healing Network
New Industry Initiatives: The Founding of the Ethernet Alliance
Alcatel and Antares to Study Neutrins
Nokia Delivers ISDN Dispatcher Station for TETRA
Intel Targets Telecom Market
IP VPN pentru industria modei ºi a accesoriilor de îmbracaminte
Internet & Mobile Internet
HPI Research Group Goes In-depth in the 3G Services Market
Fast Web Browsing and Flexible Remote Access through Wireless Internet Business Services
A New Promotion: Astral to Offer Home Internet
Open Standards Receive Support from All Major Companies
GÉANT-DANTE beneficiaza de solutii de comunicatie cu capacitate transatlanticã

COMPACT TETRA - The New Digital Radio
Converged Voice/Data Solutions for SMEs Wins Operators
Oracle Small Business Suite Awarded High Score by PC Magazine
A Map? No, It's a Phone!
Nokia Supplies First Multimedia Messaging Service Center

Strategies & Consulting (HR)
Oracle Small Business Suite Reaches Out To Academia
Best Buy and Compaq to Bring PC's at Sick Children's Bedside
Leadership in Real Terms - LEADERS Forum Romania 2001
Uk Health System To Use Oracle Human Resources Management
First Oracle9i Certified Professionals
Professional Trainings
COMPUTERLAND Training Center
Oracle9i New Features TBTs Organized By Oracle Romania
Genesys Software Romania


The Estate and General Group - Overseas Company Registration Agency Ltd. (O.C.R.A.)
OCRA - Overseas Company Registration Agents (Eastern Europe) Ltd. Partner
Offshore Overview
Which are the main reasons for setting up an Offshore company ?

Getting to Information and Beyond It
Information Society is a great achievement. Are we going to step forward ?
Adina Riposan, Director

Eastern European IT Market Diagnosis
Some of Gartner Dataquest's Recommendations to IT Vendors

According to the Gartner Dataquest report published on November 1, 2001 "Eastern Europe: Country Segmentation, 2001"
Authors: Fabrizio Biscotti, Frank Fabricius, Annette Jump and Gianluca Tramacere

The Finalizing of the Negotiation Process for Deciding the Consulting Company for the Privatization of S.N.Tc.ROMTELECOM S.A Will Soon Come to an End
Xerox recovers with GE Capital
More Multilingual Internet Domains
Ellison's Message for E-Business: "Spend Less, Get More" Oracle AppsWorld 2002

Guvernarea electronicã e luatã în serios
Fujitsu Siemens Computers: "The Keyword Is Mobility"
Oracle OpenWorld 2001
4th TETRA World Congress Reveals New Solutions and Applications
Oracle AppsWorld 2001, Amsterdam, January 15-18, 2002

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