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Cover Story

  Winning the War on Complexity
Oracle 9i

The Third Era of Computing

META Group

e-BUSINESS: Strategies & Consulting

  The Global New E-Economy Index - A Cyber-Atlas -2ndedition.
META Group
Part II

Dr. Howard A. Rubin, Executive Vice President META Group and Professor Emeritus Hunter College of CUN; with others.

META Group

e-INFRASTRUCTURE & TECHNOLOGY: Strategies & Consulting (IT)

Interview With Mr. Paul Burrin,
Senior Vice President,Corporate Marketing,Oracle Corporation
"Winning The War On Complexity"
By Adina Riposan, Director
e&m Global Perspective

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EDUCATION & HR: Strategies & Consulting (HR)

3Com's Voice Solution
Makes the Grade With America's Leading Educational Testing Firm


Compaq Partnering With AMD
AMD Athlon 4(r) Processors, up to 1GHz Speed, in Presario Notebooks, for Home and Small Offices


Oracle OpenWorld - Europe
June 2001

"E-Government - Efficiency in Governing" Seminar
Going for Success

'The Economist' Telecommunications Forum
"Liberalization Strategies for Success, on a Dynamic Market"
May 18, 2001, Athena

"Networked Technologies in Test and Measurement Application"
Genesys Software Romania - National Instruments Seminar

"The Romanian-German Economic Week"
Developing International Business Relations

Telecom Think Tank 2001
Telecommunications in Central-East Europe

"Oracle Intelligent WebHouse" Conference

The International Telecommunications' Day
"The Internet - Challenges, Opportunities and Perspectives"

"CITRIX MetaFrame XP - the Value Add to Windows"
Genesys Software Romania

"The Internet Economy" Conferences
"The Electronic Signature. Law, implementation, enforcement - The opening of the market for certification services"


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